DoeDNS - Index

Currently serving 6 domain zonefiles

You have the unique possibility to add a zonefile to 4 GO-based CoreDNS nameservers running on really beefy servers in Germany

This service is hosted by SolSoCoG on independently running servers

DNS Version: CoreDNS-1.6.4 linux/amd64, go1.13.1, b139ba3-dirty
Webscript Version: 2.3

+ 30s or less zone refresh rate (CoreDNS is set to check zones for change every 29s)
+ unlimited subdomains
+ No minimum TTL for ns entries(defaults to 300s)
+ daily zone file backup to external datacenter
+ "Anonymous" registration via mail(for pw recovery only) and random generated password on per domain basis
+ API, mainly suitable for dyndns, also creates a wildcard ns entry, 60s ttl

In the work:
- automated DNSSEC setup